Sunday, November 13, 2011

O Litter Picture

One of the fun things about being breeder caretakers is getting a picture of the litter.

Order in picture (L to R):

Orzo, Ocala, Olan, Opie, Odell, Osita, Ortega, Olha, Orvis

Many thanks to photographer Nancy Vice and puppy wrangler Wendy Klock-Johnson!

Of course, puppies don't usually pose like this on the first try... or the second... or the third... or the fourth.  This time around Nancy took at least 22 shots before we got this one.  It's actually hilarious!  What you don't see in the picture are three puppy wranglers (Karen, Kathy and Wendy) just outside of the edges of the couch and flat on the floor just in front of it.  Laughing hysterically!  Here are a few of the outtakes:

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