Friday, September 30, 2011

Litter Collars!

The Os got their first collars this morning. All dressed up! What a proud Mama Dawna.

Litter collars

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Week 1 Birthday, Os!

The O'Mooses reached their first life milestone. Today the pups are one week old. Happy birthday mooses!

(Two are already over 2 lbs and three more will be there soon. The smallest--a relative term--is over a pound and a half).

Happy One Week Birthday Os!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Oinking Os

Perhaps 'Outstanding' isn't the best adjective to describe this litter. It's starting to look like 'Oinking' is better. The pups are growing by leaps and bounds each day. We've decided that the are the O'Moose family. Until their CCI names arrive, the O'Mooses have the following nicknames.

Red - O'My (biggest moose)
Blue - O'Lupin
Purple - O'Pal (opal)
Neon Green - O'Keefe
Neon Pink - O'Day
Brown - O'Tau
Light Pink - O'Mike
Orange - O'Lantern
Dark Green - O'Kelly


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Third Time is Charming!

We're a bit behind on posting for the blog. Dawna has begun the adventure of her third litter. She was bred to a fairly new breeder, Nesbitt, in July, pups confirmed by ultrasound in August and the great day arrived on September 21st with the birth of the Outstanding Os! Dawna and Nesbitt are proud parents of nine new CCI puppies. The litter letter is O so all of their names will begin with O.

Here's newborn, firstborn Red

First born!

And, later that same day:

The Happy Os

The puppies are huge. The largest was 17.5 oz. Four were at or over 17 oz with several others around a pound. Smallest, and certainly not a small pup, was 13.6 oz. As happens sometimes, there was one stillborn pup, little turquoise. So, Dawna ended the day with nine big happy puppies!