Monday, January 31, 2011

Update on the Fabulous F Litter

We've heard from many of the puppy raisers for the F Litter. Here's a update on the pups:

Feather: Being raised in the NW region, greater Sacramento area

Feather is being raised by Dawna's PR. She reports that Feather is a active, impish and spunky girl who loves people very, very much.


Fawn: Being raised in the SW region, near Fluffy
Fluffy: Being raised in the SW region, near Fawn (Fluffy is pictured below)

Fluffy is being raised by Dawna's BC. She reports that Fluffy is a gentle, loving pup who reminds her of Dawna's mom, Makia.


Fergenson: Being raised in the NE region

Fergenson is being raised along the east coast. He sometimes gets to ride a ferry. His PR reports that he is quite loving and is well liked by those he meets. Fergenson had the good luck to meet the CCI volunteer after whom he is named at a CCI graduation.


2/7/11 News Flash!!

Fergenson's PR spoke with her local paper to promote CCI, and the link was posted to the CCI FB page today. Here is the link to the article and video:
Fergenson in the news!

Fitz: Being raised in the SE region, near Finnian (Fitz is pictured below)
Finnian: Being raised in the SE region, near Fitz

Fitz and Finnian got to attend a CCI pool party as young pups and learn from the example of older pups in program. By all reports both pups had a blast!


Farina: Being raised in the NE region

Farina's PR reports that she is also a spunky, loving pup.


We know that Funston and Felipe are being raised in the North Central region but haven't gotten any updates about these pups.

We also have a few holiday pictures to share:


Santa's Reinpup Fluffy


Holiday Gift Fergenson